Color Trends For 2014

80-85% of the decision to buy a product is based on the color. Learn about the color trends for 2014 in this Moen video:

John West of Color Marketing Group notes that the average person is afraid of color as they are afraid to make a mistake. The least expensive thing you can do is to paint a room – if you don’t like it, repaint it.

Blue is the dominate color for 2014 – the blue family, that is, which ranges from powder, sky, or environmental blues to dark blue and blue-black.

A popular color combination in the late 70’s and early 80’s were sea foam green and moth. Both colors are coming back, but not necessarily in combination.

Copper – both shiny and matte – is being introduced into appliances. We will also see black metallic matte accents and hammered finishes.

A new trend in woods is natural walnut (cool brown, not a dark brown) mixed with a high gloss and textured white.

Home is where we need to go to unplug and relax, and regularly updating the look of your home will help you achieve that. If you need help, hire a designer. It is a relatively inexpensive step that can help you save money by getting the color right the first time.

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