Different Ways to Decorate With Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for your Christmas tree. Learn about different ways to decorate with ornaments in this video by The Home Depot:

1. Fill glass cake domes with ornaments. Turn the cake dome upside down, fill it with ornaments, cover the dome with the cake stand and invert it, and place a ring of evergreen around the base. Alternatively, you can also fill glass vases or hurricanes with ornaments.

2. Embellish candlesticks with ornaments and put them on a reflective tray or a flat mirror to make a striking table display. Use double-sided tape to secure the ornaments to the candlesticks. Decorative floral spray tops provide additional glitter and glitz.

3. Hang ornaments on ribbons in a window. Using wire-edged ribbon, thread it through the ornament hanger. Take a piece of 24-gauge wire, create a loop and wrap the wire around the ribbon several times to secure it. Hang the ornaments at varying lengths on clear command hooks. Hide the hooks by attaching wires to glittery snowflakes and placing them over the hooks.

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