Home Renovation on a Budget – Affordable Home Remodeling

If your home feels cramped but you can’t afford to buy a larger home or build an addition, you can still do home renovation on a budget. You can re-purpose your current existing space for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Here are several affordable home remodeling projects:

1. Open your floor plan by removing doors from rooms where they are not needed. Interior walls can be removed unless they contain pipes or support the house. A pass-through or a window is another solution.

2. Turn a closet into a compact home office. Add several wood or composite shelves with the lowest at a height that makes it serviceable as a desk.

3. Multitask a guest room by replacing the bed with a pull-out couch, futon or air mattress and add the right furniture so the room can double as a home office, game room or media room.

4. Install a stackable washer-dryer combo in an upstairs hallway or closet. As new wiring and pipes are needed, you can keep costs low by installing them near an existing bathroom.

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5. Create extra space off the side of your house with a bump-out. It can run almost the whole length of your home but cannot extend more than three feet from the exterior wall. A bump-out requires no foundation work and costs $100 to $150 per square foot; it is a great way to perform home renovation on a budget. Add a closet to your master bedroom or an eating area to your kitchen.

6. Use wall shelving or cabinetry for storage and eliminate a closet to expand your living space. If you are just looking for extra storage space, modular wall shelving will free up the floor.

7. If you have a crawlspace or unfinished basement for running new pipes, add a first floor powder room.

8. For an addition at half the price, convert a garage or basement into living space. Converting an attic is another possibility for home renovation on a budget, but you may need to extend the heating, cooling and plumbing systems and add a stairway.

9. Install doors and add a cabinet or shelves to the dining room so it can multitask as a home office. You can buy fitted pads to protect the tabletop. Another creative solution is a fold up dining set where the leaves and chairs are stored compactly in one unit.

10. Re-finish or paint your kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them. Change your cabinet hardware to alter or enhance your kitchen’s color scheme. Upgrade your current floor by installing do-it-yourself laminate flooring planks that resemble slate or natural wood.

11. Update your bathroom by applying new paint or wallpaper, re-glazing the bathtub, or re-finishing and adding new hardware to the vanity cabinet. Add an over-the-toilet storage organizer or a corner shelving unit to expand the storage space.

By rethinking your space, making the best use of your existing structures and choosing the appropriate furniture and organizing systems, home renovation on a budget is feasible for any home.


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