Go Rustic with Log Cabin Siding

Are you considering a log home for your family’s castle? Log homes are quite popular, especially in wooded areas, no matter where that wooded area may be. You do not need to just be building a new home to have a log home. A remodeling of your current home can turn it into a rustic beauty that will endure for a lifetime. Log cabin siding is beautiful, lasts a long time, and is fairly low maintenance. As you choose your log home, you have three ways to go. You can build a full log home using complete logs. You can also use log cabin siding which uses only one half of the log. Finally, you can go with vinyl log siding. Let’s take a look at each one.

The traditional log home using complete logs can be a costly project. Logs must be hauled in, cut to size, placed in position, sealed, and treated. Caution must be used every year to watch for wood boring insects. It makes for a beautiful home, but it is very costly over the life of the home.

Our next choice is that of log cabin siding. It also uses logs, but only one half of the logs. This allows for more insulation on the inside of the home, but it still has the genuine look of the log home on the outside. If you are trying to think “green”, fewer trees will have to be cut down to make this type of home. From the financial standpoint, there is a significant savings in going this route, but you will still have the lovely log home of which you have always dreamed. This customer testimonial video by Skyline Woods (as seen on DIY Man Caves) may give you ideas for a makeover for your own home:

The final option for your log home is vinyl log cabin siding. It is by far a cheaper option than using genuine logs. It can be used over your current siding to do a remodel of your home and makes your home look like a genuine log home. One manufacturer, Dura-Log, has log cabin siding available in a number of log colors to fit your wishes. Log cabin siding has advantages over wood that saves money in the long run. You do not need to worry about about wood boring insects, wood rot and other problems that owners of natural wood homes must deal with. The maintenance is much easier, the cost is lower, the colors are a greater variety, and yet they look genuine. Consider log cabin siding and enjoy your beautiful wood castle for many years to come.

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