Ventless Gas Fireplaces for Carefree Use and Maintenance

Ventless gas fireplaces are an efficient and safe way to add heat to your home. Also called vent free gas fireplaces, they can be installed and operated without a vent, chimney or flue. They are virtually 100% energy-efficient as all of the generated heat goes directly into the home. Many models are thermostatically controlled and come with remote controls and timers. Unless you are experiencing a power outage, a ventless fireplace should not be used as a primary source of heat.

A vent free gas fireplace is not suitable for all homes. Learn more in this video by

A ventless gas fireplace basically consists of a gas burner hidden by a decorative ceramic log, which is made from special material that can withstand high temperatures without igniting. This type of fireplace can be installed in your home in any safe area. If you have a working fireplace that has been regularly cleaned and maintained, you can use it for your ventless fireplace. Keep in mind that the unit has to be small enough to provide a minimum six inches of clearance from all surfaces. You may need to attach a hood on top of the fireplace in order to reflect heat in some cases. Before making any purchase, you also need to think about the fuel source. If you do not have an existing natural gas line near your furnace, you may want to buy a fireplace that operates on propane to avoid the expense of installing a new gas line.

Ventless gas fireplaces have ignition systems that are easy to use. They can be started electronically or with a match. You should not encounter any major problems with your fireplace if it has been properly installed, however, it’s a good idea to have periodic maintenance performed by a trained professional and to install a carbon monoxide detector to monitor air quality.

Ventless fireplaces are sold by Comfort Glow, Monessen, Lennox and other manufacturers, and they can also be purchase at home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or The Home Depot. Whatever product you choose, a ventless gas fireplace will prove to be a reliable heating source if properly installed and maintained.

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